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Congratulations to our new agents!

  Congratulations to all of our new operatives! Your efforts during the fun, educational FPC Vacation Bible School are much appreciated. As agents of the One True God, your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to spread the Good News and enlist the help of new operatives. Remember, this mission is much too […]

Calling all agents for fun in June!

This summer’s Vacation Bible School promises to engage kids in a fun, immersive educational program designed to teach them all about the one true God. All agents must go through a rigorous training program designed to equip them for any and all eventualities. Would you like to join their ranks? Or know anyone between the ages of […]

Where the Easter-egg tradition comes from

The following ode to the beloved Easter egg is taken from an article in the April 24th edition of Time Magazine written by Olivia B. Waxman: To look for the beginnings of the Easter egg, start in medieval Europe. One possible origin: the strict fasting rules of the time, which barred eating any animal product during Lent. […]

He is risen!

He is risen indeed! After a wonderful Easter service, we gather together in the social hall to enjoy a delicious Easter brunch. And if we need to leave our seat temporarily, we remember to fold our napkin, lest anyone think we are not returning…

Mary Breaux turns 90!

That’s right, Mary Breaux celebrated her 90th birthday this past Sunday, and her children and extended family decided to treat Mary and her FPC family with a surprise catered coffee hour event, complete with delicious food and yummy cake. Everyone had a great time. Happy birthday Mary!  

April Presbytery Meeting

FPC Santa Clara will serve as host for the upcoming San Jose Presbytery meeting on Saturday April 1st. The meeting will begin at 9am. More information on the Meeting Docket as it becomes available. Many thanks to everyone who came out to lend a hand with sprucing up the church grounds on Saturday. God’s house is […]

FPC Gardens

The gardens have been sleeping through most of the winter, but as we pull out of the California winter storms, we are already beginning to prepare for spring.  In the next two weeks, we will be preparing twice as many new beds as we had last year, and we will be seeding spring transplants so […]

Citrus, Citrus

Are you tired of too much citrus hanging around?  Let us come and harvest as much or as little of your lemons, oranges, or other citrus to share with the congregation at Sunday Coffee Hour.  Contact Rachel to set up a time for us to drop by.