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All organizations require effective leadership. But what is leadership? One group dedicated to researching effective church organizations defines leadership as “the duty and call of the person who is in charge to take charge with courage and character, and to risk leading his/her people where they need to go and how they need to be led. It is a position that seeks vision, opportunities, and needs and then motivates others to get it done through the resources, talents, and time they can contribute.” In other words, leading involves effectively directing the involvement of others.

First Presbyterian Church of Santa Clara understands this. Our leaders take many forms: a core operations staff, a dedicated group of committed elders, and a supportive set of deacons.

In his article The Twelve Characteristics of the Healthy Church, Dr. Richard J. Krejcir describes each of twelve vital components of a healthy church:

  1. the clear uncompromising teaching of God’s Word;
  2. impactful worship;
  3. passion for the Lord;
  4. heartfelt Prayer;
  5. making disciples;
  6. love and care that is penetrating;
  7. leadership development;
  8. outreach and missions;
  9. powered vision;
  10. effective stewardship;
  11. appropriate programming;
  12. replication;

Leadership involves seeing to it that there is church growth in each of these areas, and that the body grows cohesively.