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Children and Youth

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Children under 14 years of age are invited to join us as we learn about our amazing God. We strive to sustain a safe, nurturing, fun environment where kids are able to learn about God directly through stories provided within His Word, the Bible.

Lessons involve a variety of teaching methods that are both interactive and fun. Each month introduces a new Bible story through which our kids learn to

  • Retell Bible stories in their own words
  • State the book of the Bible where the story comes from
  • Recite the memory verse and reference
  • Learn about prayer and God’s love for us

We have been blessed with a group of dedicated teachers who would love to meet you and your children. For answers to frequently asked questions, visit the Youth Ministry section of our FAQ page. For information about our policies regarding keeping our church community safe, refer to our Safe Church Policies page. For information on becoming a part of the Youth Ministry team, visit our Youth Instructors page.

The BLAST Curriculum

Our Children’s Ministry uses a curriculum called BLAST that stands for Biblical Learning And Spiritual Training. It provides a thoughtful and experiential curriculum that follows the church calendar and dives into scripture creatively. BLAST is a way to make Biblical learning a “blast” for kids, no matter what their age.

The BLAST curriculum was generously shared by our friends at Sunnyvale Presbyterian. BLAST allows kids to participate in their learning by experiencing the Bible story through different modules. It is nicely organized to accomplish the goal of increasing a child’s interest in, and knowledge of, Biblical teachings.

We know children learn best when they feel safe and welcomed. Therefore, teachers and shepherds work together to create an environment that includes structure, consistency, and fun experiential learning.