Join us Sundays at 10:00am!

Children and Youth

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“Children are invited to join us and experience the bible in a safe, nurturing and fun environment.  We use a curriculum called BLAST, generously shared with us by our friends at Sunnyvale Presbyterian Church. BLAST stands for Biblical Learning And Spiritual Training.

Children are excused during service and walk to class with the teachers.  If you arrive late, that’s okay.  Please walk your child/children to classroom A4.  This is also where parents pickup their children.

Our lessons have a variety of learning styles that are interactive and fun.  Each month introduces a single bible story. The objective of each month is to help kids:

  • Retell bible stories in their own words
  • Recite the memory verse and reference
  • State the book of the Bible where the stories came from
  • Learn about prayer and God’s love for us

We have a group of dedicated teachers who hope to meet you and your children. If you would like more information or have any questions (even to inquire about how to be trained to volunteer with our Children’s Ministry!) — contact Judy Friedline, coordinator of family ministries.