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Mexico Mission Trip

Future Trips
Those interested in joining in on the trip in the future are asked to contact either trip organizer Jim Watts or church missions elder Pat Novak.

Previous Years Trips

The First Presbyterian Church of Santa Clara Outreach Team had a wonderful mission’s trip to San Bartolo, Mexico this year. Our team traveled this summer from August 3rd through August 11th.

The women helped with a two day program for the children of San Bartolo. The children were given toothbrushes and learned how to brush their teeth and wash their hands. They created a special board where they placed a mirror and wrote the words “God says I’m beautiful” in Spanish. The women also held bible studies with the local women of the church where they talked about the Kingdom of God and marriage. 

The men spent time painting, plumbing, and doing electrical work on 2 houses, one in San Bartolo and one in another town. When not working on the houses, the group partnered with the church as they hosted 2 concerts, one in the city of Metepec and the other in Toluca. They also hosted bible studies with the men of the church in which they learned about the Kingdom of God. 

We shared. We taught. We learned. We worked hard together. We broke bread together. The food was delicious, the children stole our hearts, and our trips out to the local caves were breathtaking.

We arrive as distant strangers. We leave as dear brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus. Praise God!